Unleash Your Inner Animal with the Hottest Zebra Print Nail Art

Zebra print nail art is a timeless trend that has continued to captivate fashionistas all over the world. Touted as a fierce and daring design, stripes, and monochromatic prints can surely add a touch of wilderness to your look. Bold, edgy and sure to turn heads, this nail art trend has become a staple in the world of style and beauty. If you're ready to bring out your inner animal, keep reading for some inspiration on the latest zebra print nail art trends.

1. Classic Black and White Zebra Print Nails

Black and white stripes are the standard when it comes to zebra print nail designs. This design is perfect for those who want to keep it classic and simplistic. However, you can opt for various patterns to achieve the ideal zebra look. You can paint the stripes diagonally, vertically or horizontally - the choice is yours.

2. Add Some Color to Your Zebra Print

Elevate your zebra print nails by adding vibrant hues to the classic black and white pattern. You can go all out with bright neon pink, purple, or blue stripes, or opt for metallic shades of gold and silver. Adding a pop of color to your zebra nails will surely turn heads and make your look wilder.

3. Zebra Accent Nails

If you don't want to go overboard with your animal print, try painting just one or two accent nails with the zebra pattern. Choose a contrasting nail color, such as hot pink, red or navy blue for the other nails to make the accent nails stand out.

4. Glitter Zebra Print

For a touch of glamour, add glitter accents to your black and white zebra stripes. Adding glitter turns your classic zebra nail art into an ethereal, shimmering design that's perfect for big events or special occasions.

5. Reverse Zebra Print Nails

For the daring and experimenter, try a reverse zebra print nail art. Instead of painting the stripes on a white base, make the stripes white and the base black. This creative design will make you stand out from the crowd and radiate a bold attitude.


With these tips, you can create always fashionable zebra print nail art designs that are chic, stylish and wild. Whether it's for casual weekend wear or a night out with your girls, zebra print nails can sure elevate your outfit and make you feel out of the ordinary. Don't be afraid to unleash your inner animal and try these latest nail art trends.
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