The Hauntingly Charming Colors of Color Street Halloween 2024

As Halloween 2024 approaches, it's time to start thinking about your costume, decorations, and most importantly, your nails! This year, Color Street has launched a spooky and fun collection that will elevate your Halloween look. From bewitching black to creepy crawly creatures, here are the top colors to try.

1. Black Magic

The classic black shade is a must-have for any Halloween look. This Color Street shade is appropriately named Black Magic and features a high gloss finish for a sleek and sophisticated vibe.

2. Tombstone Glitter

If you want to add a little sparkle to your nails, Tombstone Glitter is the perfect shade. The black glitter will catch the light and give off an eerie glow, perfect for a haunted house or a witchy night out.

3. Spider Web

For a creepy and crawly touch, try the Spider Web design. The black and white jagged lines create a spooky spider web effect that is perfect for Halloween.

4. Witching Hour

This dark purple shade is perfect for a witchy look. The deep hue and high gloss finish will make your nails look enchanting and mysterious.

5. Bat Outta Hell

If you want to add some fun to your Halloween look, the Bat Outta Hell design is perfect. The black and purple bat print will add a playful touch to your nails.

No matter which color or design you choose, you can guarantee that Color Street Halloween 2024 will make your nails spook-tacular!
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