The Future of Nail Colors: Green Nails in 2024

As we move towards a more sustainable future, it comes as no surprise that the beauty industry is following suit. From eco-friendly packaging to sustainable ingredients, consumers are more conscientious about the impact their beauty routines have on the environment. And just like fashion, nail colors also evolve, and 2024 is the year of Green nails.

List of trends:
1. Say Hello to Pistachio Green
In 2024, green nails will take on a sweeter hue - Pistachio green. Soothing and delicate, this shade is perfect for an everyday look.

2. Embrace the Wild Side with Forest Green
Those who prefer bold colors, rejoice - forest green is the perfect shade for you! Slightly darker and mysterious, this green will make a statement.

3. Neon Green, Because Why Not?
The 2024s are known for their over-the-top looks, and by 2024, neon green will be all the rage. For the fashion-forward and daring, this shade shouts confidence and individuality.

4. Green with a Hint of Gold
Looking for something a little more sophisticated and luxurious? Green with a hint of gold will be the perfect option for those who exude elegance and class.

5. A Green French Manicure
French manicures have been done to death, but green French manicures will be the fresh take we didn't know we needed. The pop of green on the tip of the nail will add a fun twist to the classic style.

6. Holographic Green Nails
For those who love all things holographic, get ready for holographic green! A mix of iridescent and green hues will be the most popular option for the trendsetters.

7. Textured Green Nails
Textures will be the new craze, and green nails are no exception. Think matte, glossy, and everything in between.

The world is moving towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and fashion and beauty aren't far behind. Green nails in 2024 will be a manifestation of this movement. From soothing pistachio to bold neon, there's a green shade for everyone to try. So, are you ready to paint your nails green?
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