Pretty in Pink: How to Rock Zebra Print Nails

If you're a fan of animal prints and love playing with bold colors, then you'll definitely love this manicure trend. Zebra print nails in pink are the perfect way to add a touch of flair to your look and show off your wild side.

1. Start with a Solid Base
Before applying any zebra print design, you'll need to start with a solid base color. For the pink zebra print manicure, choose a light shade of pink or even a pastel pink hue. Make sure the polish is opaque and applies smoothly.

2. Create the Zebra Stripes
Using a fine-tipped nail art brush, draw thin zig-zag lines across the nails in a random pattern. You can alternate between a darker pink shade and black to create the zebra stripes. Be sure not to draw the stripes too thick or too close together, as this will make the design look busy.

3. Add Some Sparkle
To make the design pop, you may want to add a touch of glitter or rhinestones to your nails. Choose a fine glitter in silver or pink and apply a thin coat over the entire nail or accent nails.

4. Seal the Design with a Topcoat
Once the design is complete, apply a topcoat to protect your nails and seal in the design. This will ensure that the manicure lasts longer and retains its glossy shine.

Not only is the pink zebra print manicure playful and fun, but it's also versatile and can be worn on any occasion. Whether you're heading to a night out with friends or a formal event, this manicure trend will keep your nails looking trendy and chic. So what are you waiting for? Try out the pink zebra print nails and show off your fierce side.
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