Oval Nails - The Cutest Nail Shape Trending Right Now

If you're a nail-fashion enthusiast, you must have come across the oval nail shape lately. The cute, egg-shaped nails are getting more popular by the day because of their elegant, feminine appeal. Oval nails are a perfect option for those who want to upgrade their look and get out of the box.

Here are six reasons why you should consider oval nails as your next style statement:

1. They're The Perfect Midway Between Square and Round

If you're not a fan of square edges but you find round nails too short, oval nails are the answer. With an oval shape, you get a perfect balance of both worlds. Plus, oval nails have added length that helps elongate your fingers giving you a more feminine appeal.

2. They Look Great With Any Nail Art

Whether you're a fan of minimalistic nail art or complex designs, you can never go wrong with oval nails. They have a larger surface area for nail technicians to create intricate designs to fit your style.

3. They Accentuate Your Fingers and Natural Nail Bed

As mentioned earlier, the oval shape can elongate your fingers. Additionally, the shape allows for a more natural look by following the natural curve of your nail bed, thus accentuating one's hands.

4. They're Easy to Grow and Maintain

Oval nails are relatively easy to grow and maintain because they don't chip as easily as other shapes like square nails. They're also more durable than their sisters, round nails. Plus, they're easier to file into shape, making them a favorite for people who like to do their nails at home.

5. They're A Perfect, Subtle Chic Look for Any Occasion.

If you want a classic, chic look that doesn't draw too much attention, oval nails are a perfect option. They're versatile and suitable for any occasion, be it formal or casual.

6. They Compliment Every Hand Size and Shape.

Whether you have petite or large hands, oval nails will still look fantastic. Compared to other nail shapes, the oval shape is the most flattering on any hand size and shape.

In conclusion, the oval nail shape is an excellent option for those looking to switch things up or try something new. It's an elegant, flattering look that's both practical and stylish. At the end of the day, nails and self-care are all about expressing one's personality, and oval nails are a perfect way to show your feminine side.
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