Nailing The Racing Fashion Trend: How Chequered Flag Nails Chic-Up Any Look

As fashion trends continue to transcend all boundaries, there's one trend that's making a strong statement in the industry: racing fashion. This trend takes its inspiration from the world of motor racing, bringing forth bold checkered prints and high-octane hues. And nothing embodies this trend better than chequered flag nails!

From the runway to the streets, chequered flag nails have been making waves in the beauty scene. And if you're looking to add some racing-chic to your look, then you've come to the right place. Here are some tips to help you nail the chequered flag trend:

1. Start with a clean slate
As with any nail art, always start with a clean nail bed. Remove any polish remnants or oils that could hinder adherence by using a gentle nail polish remover or alcohol-based nail cleaner.

2. Pick your base color
The base color you choose will set the tone for your chequered flag nails. Black and white are the most popular choices, but you can get creative by choosing a bold hue that represents your personality.

3. Tape it up
Using painter's tape or scotch tape, tape off the edges of your nails to form a grid pattern. This will help in creating even and precise chequered flag designs.

4. Stripe it up
After your base color has dried, carefully apply thin horizontal stripes using a striping brush, toothpick, or fine point brush.

5. Cross it up
Once your horizontal stripes have dried, add vertical stripes to create a checkered pattern on your nails. This process can be repeated until you achieve your desired level of checkered flag nail design.

6. Finish it off
After checking that all your stripes have dried, finish it off with a glossy topcoat to protect your nail design from chipping and to provide optimal shine.

So there you have it – the ultimate guide to rocking chequered flag nails. Whether you're attending an F1 race or a fashion-forward event, chequered flag nails are a surefire way to turn heads. And with these simple tips, you'll be able to create this chic racing-inspired look with ease. Time to start revving up your nails and hit the road in style!
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