Multicolour Pastel Nails: The Trending Style for Your Next Manicure

Pastel colours have always been a popular choice for fashion lovers during the summer months. This year, we're taking it one step further with the newest trend - multicolour pastel nails. Whether you want to brighten up your day or make a statement, these nails are perfect for any occasion. Here's a guide to help you achieve this gorgeous look.

1. Choose your colour palette
The first step to achieving this trend is to choose your colours. A great tip is to stick within the same colour family, choosing different shades of the same hue. This will create a cohesive and visually appealing look.

2. Play with patterns
After selecting your colour palette, the next step is to play with patterns. Get creative by mixing and matching colours on each nail. Some suggestions include creating ombre effects, diagonal stripes, or even polka dots.

3. Stay on trend with nail shapes
Staying on-trend with nail shapes will elevate your multicolour pastel nails. The two most popular shapes for this trend are the square-shaped nails and almond-shaped nails.

4. Add some metallic accents
Adding metallic accents to your multicolour pastel nails will give them an extra edgy look. You can achieve this by adding glitter or metallic polish to the tips or accent nail. Don't overdo it though, as too much glitter can overpower the whole look.

5. Have fun with it
The most important rule for this trend is to have fun with it. Don't be afraid to be bold and experiment with different colour combinations. You'll be surprised at how many compliments you'll get.

In conclusion, this year's standout trend is multicolour pastel nails. It's a great way to add some colour to your life and show off your creativity. By following these guidelines, you'll have the perfect manicure in no time. So go ahead and embrace the beauty of pastel colours and have some fun with your nails.
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