Get the Ultimate Glam Look with Burnt Orange Glitter Nails

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If you're planning on increasing the glam quotient in your look, nothing can beat the striking charm and shine of burnt orange glitter nails. This nail art trend has been taking the world by storm and is a must-try for anyone willing to make a statement.

To perfect the art, we've listed some tips to ensure you get the most out of this luxurious fashion statement without going over the top. Read on to discover the steps to getting that glossy finish and dazzle everyone around you.

1. Cut & Shape: Before anything else, make sure you process your nails properly by cutting and shaping them to the desirable length and style. Take time to even out the edges and sand the surfaces to ensure the polish takes to the nail bed properly.

2. Base Coat: Apply a base coat to protect your natural nail and help the polish stick on to it. Make sure to let the base coat dry entirely before proceeding.

3. Burnt Orange Glitter: This is the star of the show. Apply your burnt orange glitter polish to your nails, making sure that you have even layers. Apply about two coatings, depending on the opacity of the polish.

4. Layer with Top Coat: The topcoat layer will help lock in the sequins and give it that shimmery effect that everyone will be looking at. Use a layer or two of topcoat, depending on the desired level of shine.

5. Final Touches: Once the topcoat is completely dry, it's now safe to carry on with your regular activities. Flaunt your burnt orange glitter nails and relish the many compliments that will come your way.

There you have it, a runway-inspired guide to creating the most glamorous burnt orange glitter nails. Add a touch of fire and shine to your life with this fabulous nail art trend and revel in its dazzle!
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