Get Abstractly Gorgeous with French Manicure Nails

When it comes to nail art trends, the classic French manicure never goes out of style. However, there's a new twist to this traditional look - the abstract French manicure nails. This version of the classic style adds a contemporary touch to your nails while retaining its timeless elegance.

Are you looking to revamp your manicure game with the trendy abstract French manicure? Here's everything you need to know:

1. What is an Abstract French Manicure?

An abstract French manicure is a contemporary take on the classic French manicure look. Instead of the traditional white tip, the abstract French manicure features asymmetrical lines and shapes in different colors. From edgy geometric patterns to muted shades of pastels, the options are endless.

2. Techniques for Creating Abstract French Manicure Nails

There are several techniques to create your unique abstract French manicure nails. You can use striping tape, stencils, or freehand designs. The latter gives you the freedom to create your personalized look, and you can mix and match colors, shapes or designs.

3. Choosing Colors for Your Abstract French Manicure

One of the most exciting aspects of creating your abstract French manicure is choosing colors. When selecting shades for your nails, keep in mind the event or the purpose. For instance, for a sophisticated office look, opt for muted shades like beige, pastel pink, or grey. If you're heading to a fun party, go bold with neon or glittery hues.

4. Best Nail Polish Brands for Abstract French Manicure

Several nail polish brands offer an array of colors and finishes that are perfect for abstract French manicures. These include Chanel, OPI, Essie, and Zoya, among others. For a matte finish, try the OPI Infinite Shine range. For a glossy finish, Essie's Gel Couture line is unbeatable.

5. How to Rock Abstract French Manicure Nails

Once you've nailed your abstract French manicure, it's time to show it off. Combine your new nails with statement jewelry, and you'll be ready for any event. You can opt for subtle bangles or statement earrings to complete your look.

In conclusion, abstract French manicure nails are a perfect way to elevate your nail game. With the tips above, you can rock this trend in style. Whether you're attending a fancy gala, meeting your friends for brunch or heading to the office, the abstract French manicure is a must-try look. So, grab your nail polish, and let's get started!
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