Crocodile Print Nails: The Latest Trend Taking The Beauty World by Storm

Crocodile print is the newest trend that has taken over the beauty world by storm. From clothing to accessories and now even nails, this trend is everywhere you look. Crocodile print nails are a perfect way to add some edginess to your look while still keeping it chic. Get ready to conquer the latest trend with our ultimate guide on crocodile print nails.

Top tips for the crocodile print nails:

1. Choose your favorite shade: The first step in creating your perfect crocodile print nails is choosing the right color. Most people would opt for natural colors like brown, green and beige but you can also play up with your favorite neon or pastel colors.
2. Create the perfect base: To make the crocodile print stand out, it's important to create a perfect base. Apply one or two coats of your favorite nail polish and let it dry completely.
3. Use a crocodile print nail stamping kit: Even if you're not a professional nail artist, you can still achieve the perfect crocodile nail print with a simple stamping kit. You can find these kits at beauty supply stores. Simply place the crocodile print template over your nails and press it down until the print transfers to your nails.
4. Add some texture: To make the crocodile print stand out even more, you can add a textured layer on top of the stamp. This can easily be done by using a matte top coat or a textured nail polish.
5. Accessorize: To complete your crocodile print nail look, accessorize with some matching crocodile print accessories. This will not only add an extra level of chicness to your look but also a statement of fashion-forwardness.

Crocodile print nails are easy to create but make a bold statement with any look. This trend is here to stay and we can't wait to see how beauty mavens put their own spin on it. So go ahead and add some crocodile print to your nails and get ready to make a major statement!
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