Animal Print Nails: The Wild and Chic Trend Taking over 2024

Animal prints have been making a comeback and this time, they’re not just reserved for your wardrobe. Nail art has taken on a wild twist with animal print nails, a style that's the perfect fit for anyone looking to add a touch of fierceness to their look. In this Vogue-style blog, we explore everything you need to know about animal print nails.

Why go for animal print nails?

Animal print nails are the perfect accessory for the bold and daring individual. This trend allows you to take your style to the next level while showcasing your love for animal-inspired designs. Whether you want a subtle or exaggerated look, animal print nails add a unique edge to any outfit.

What animal prints can you try?

1. Leopard Print: This is the classic animal print that most people are familiar with. It’s a timeless pattern that suits any nail length or shape.

2. Zebra Print: This graphic black and white design is a perfect choice for a monochromatic look. Plus, it’s relatively easy to create.

3. Snakeskin Print: This print's intricate design adds a sense of mystery and sophistication to your nails. It’s an excellent choice for a formal event or just a day when you want to feel extra special.

How to create animal print nails?

1. Nail Wraps: The easiest way to achieve stunning animal print nails is by using nail wraps. They come in pre-cut designs and are easy to apply. All you need is to follow the instructions on the package to get this look.

2. Stamp It: Stamping plates are an excellent tool for creating animal print nails. All you need is the right collection of nail polish colors and the stamping kit to get started.

3. Freehand: Though this is the most challenging technique, it’s also the most rewarding. Drawing animal print freehand allows you to get as creative as you want and achieve a unique design.

In conclusion, animal print nails are a way to add a fashionable touch to your look. You can go subtle or bold depending on your preference. Whether on your toes or fingers, your nails can speak volumes about you. So, why not try this fierce look out today? Get ready to paint your nails like a pro, and wear trendy animal prints on your nails.
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