A Haunting Trend: Ghost on Nails

The latest trend in nail art has taken an eerie turn with the appearance of ghost on nails. From spooky spirits to friendly apparitions, ghostly nail designs are hauntingly beautiful.

Here are some tips to achieve this hauntingly chic look:

1. Choose your ghost – First things first, decide what type of ghost you want to replicate on your nails. Do you want a classic white sheet ghost or a more elaborate ghostly figure?

2. Paint your base color – Once you have decided on your ghost, paint your nails with a base color. Try a muted grey or pastel blue to create a haunting, misty atmosphere.

3. Create your ghost – Use a small brush to create your ghost on the nail. Add details such as facial features, wispy hair, and flowing garments.

4. Add dimension – To make your ghost come alive, add dimension to your design. Use a white polish to add highlights to your ghost, or a grey polish to create shadows.

5. Finish with top coat – To make sure your ghost design lasts, apply a top coat to seal in your design.

Now that you have your ghost on nails, you're ready to spook up any outfit! Whether you're getting dressed up for Halloween or just channeling your inner ghost enthusiast, this trend is sure to haunt you in the best way possible.
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