A Fashionista's Tour of Aberdeen: OPI Things I've Seen

Aberdeen is a hidden gem in Scotland, with its picturesque landscapes and iconic architectural designs. As a fashion enthusiast, I love exploring new destinations and discovering new fashion trends. I recently visited Aberdeen, and here are some OPI things I've seen:

1. Union Square Mall
If you're a shopaholic, the Union Square Mall is the place to be. It's a shopping mall that houses several high-end fashion brands and retailers. The mall has an enormous OPI nail salon with over 200 OPI colors to choose from. The mall is also an excellent spot to get your hands on the latest fashion trends.

2. Beach Boulevard Retail Park
The next OPI stop on my list is the Beach Boulevard Retail Park, which is a hub for fashion stores. You'll find several notable stores here, including Primark and Sportsdirect. The highlight of the retail park is the OPI store, which has a vast collection of nail polishes, nail accessories, and OPI gel polishes. You can also get an OPI manicure here and try out the latest nail trends.

3. Marischal College
Marischal College is one of the most iconic buildings in Aberdeen. The Victorian-inspired architecture is awe-inspiring and will make you feel like you're in a fairytale. The college is also home to graduates from various fields, including fashion design. You can see several fashion students around Marischal College, showcasing their latest designs and fashion trends.

4. St. Nicholas Centre
St. Nicholas Centre is yet another shopping mall in Aberdeen that you should not miss. It's home to several high-end fashion brands such as H&M and Debenhams. But the highlight of the mall is the OPI nail studio, which provides various nail services, including pedicures and gel manicures, with the latest OPI nail colors.

5. Traverse Theatre
If you're into art and theater, make sure to check out the Traverse Theatre in Aberdeen. This venue is known for hosting various art and theater events, showcasing the local talent in Scotland. You can also witness several fashion shows conducted here, showcasing some of the latest fashion trends in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen is a fashionista's dream destination, with its vibrant shopping malls, iconic buildings, and art-filled events. The OPI nail studios in Aberdeen provide some of the best nail services you'll find in Scotland. If you want to experience something different and immerse yourself in fashion and art, Aberdeen is the place to be. So pack your bags and take a trip to Scotland to witness some of the latest fashion trends.
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