10 Orange and Green Nail Designs That Will Up Your Style Game

When it comes to switching up your nail game, it can sometimes be challenging to find unique designs that won't fade out of style in a matter of days. That's why we've rounded up the top ten orange and green nail designs that will have you looking runway-ready in no time.

1. "Tropicana" - Sashay down the beach with this tropical-inspired design that features a vibrant green base coat, topped with orange and yellow palm leaves.

2. "Electric Citrus" - Make a bold statement with this electrifying orange and green color scheme that features an intricate geometric pattern.

3. "Succulent Garden" - This playful yet elegant design is perfect for spring. The green base coat with orange floral accents will make you feel one with nature.

4. "Pumpkin Spice" - This fall-inspired design comes in handy when you want to stay in theme. The combination of burnt orange and olive green hues is perfect for pumpkin patch selfies.

5. "Abstract Oasis" - This funky, abstract design features an orange and green watercolor pattern that's sure to make a statement.

6. "Neon Jungle" - Get lost in the jungle with this neon green and orange leopard print design that's striking yet edgy.

7. "Citrus Burst" - This citrus-inspired design will give you the urge to sip on a refreshing lemonade. The combination of neon green and a pop of orange will keep your nails fresh all summer long.

8. "Modern Stripes" - This design is a match made in heaven, featuring clean white stripes with bold green and orange accents.

9. "Tangerine Dream" - Pay homage to the color of the year with this tangerine-inspired design. The base coat is a bold shade of orange with green dotted accents to complete the look.

10. "Emerald City" - This elegant design features a sleek emerald green base coat, topped with mini orange and green crystal accents.

Whether you prefer bold and edgy designs or playful tropical patterns, these orange and green nail designs are sure to keep you looking Vogue-worthy all year long.
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