10 Adorable Nail Designs to Rock at the Beach this Summer

Summer is here and it's time to hit the beach with your best looks! While you're working on your tan, why not show off your cute nails too? In today's blog, we'll look at 10 adorable nail designs that will make you the envy of the beach crowd. Get ready to stand out with these beach-perfect designs!

1. Ocean-Inspired Blue Waves

What better way to pay homage to the sea than with a beautiful blue wave design? This nail design will add a touch of elegance to your beach outfit, with the simple yet creative blue wave print on your nails. Simply paint your nails in various shades of blue, alternating with white stripes to create an ocean vibe.

2. Golden Sands

What's a beach without sand? Transform your nails into a mini beach with this sand-inspired design. Apply a nude base coat and sprinkle golden glitter over the tips, representing the sand. The end result will leave your followers swooning.

3. Pineapple Paradise

Summer is all about pineapples and tropical vibes. Why not combine that with cute nails for the beach? This pineapple paradise nail design is perfect for the beach with vibrant yellow and green colors, and a pineapple print that screams fun.

4. Starfish Stripes

Looking for something bold yet classy? The starfish stripes nail design is a perfect match - add a touch of seaside elegance to your nails by alternating starfish stamps on each nail. Choose a pastel color bases with a white stamp outline for a polished, nautical look.

5. Coral Reef Decoration

Bring the coral reef to your nails with a beautiful set of coral decals! With a base of dark blue or navy, add coral reef decals to create a stunning beach nail design that's perfect for summer. Complete the look by adding rhinestones to the coral prints for a sparkling finish.

6. Ocean-Inspired French Tip

French tips and summer days go together like peas in a pod! Add an oceanic twist by choosing ocean-inspired hues and beachy designs. Using a white tip, fill in with a gradient of blue tones to represent the ocean. For an added touch, choose glitter-flecked nail polishes to mimic the glittering ocean water.

7. Sea Shell Allure

Who doesn't love seashells on the seashore? Add a touch of ocean charm to your nails with sea shell designs. Use a combination of nude and pastel colors to create an alluring sea shell-inspired nail design. This look is perfect for the beach day where you catch some rays from the sun and dip your toes in the ocean.

8. Tropical Paradise

Create an exotic tropical look using various leaf prints and tropical flowers. On a white base coat, add "hibiscus" flowers in shades of pink and red. Fill in the rest of your nails with leaf prints in shades of green to complete the tropical look.

9. Sunsets by the Sea

Nothing beats the beauty of sunsets by the sea! Capture this beauty onto your nails with an ombre sunset design. Start with a yellow base coat, blend in oranges, pinks, and purples with a sponge to spread all the colors naturally. We promise this design will look stunning and will make your Instagram followers race to the beach.

10. Palm Tree Panache

Palm trees are synonymous with tropical getaways! Try an asymmetrical design of tropical palm trees on a nude backdrop. Outline the leaves with a glittered white or gold polish to add a glimmer to the design!

In conclusion, the beach provides an arena to experiment with cute nails and these 10 designs will make sure your tips stand out! From an ocean-inspired French tip to palm tree panache, these beach-perfect designs can help you make the most of your beach day. Bring your nail game, and we promise you’ll make heads turn!
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